Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Review

STORY: 9/10

 Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is about a family whose female members are born with the curse gift of super strength. The first time I watched Do Bong Soon punch someone into the stratosphere I nearly peed myself laughing. It’s slightly cringy but in the best way.
Ahn Min Hyeok (Park Hyung Sik) see’s her abilities and hires her as a bodyguard because he gets threats over his company (did I mention he’s a chaebol?). They play on the stereotype that woman have to be weak and protected, but I like how Do Bong Soon puts them in their place.
There are so many laugh out loud and cute moments that the show gives you whiplash with the creepy 180 degree turn in story. There is a murder / kidnapper out and about in Do Bong Soon’s community – and so begins the chase between her and McCreep, Kim Jang Hyun.
One of Do Bong Soon’s oldest friends (and first love/ crush) is a police officer and becomes embroiled in the case of Kim Jang Hyun with the aide of Bong Soon and Min Hyuk.
There are side stories with Bong Soon’s family member’s which made sense to me, but the side story with the gangsters that Bong Soon had almost crippled, did not. They seemed to use the useless gang as filler, which could have been better used for either the McCreep’s story or Bong Soon’s story.
There were some moments that made me go “really” and it kind of ruined the mood of the scene, however that’s not to say the story was bad. I just wished they thought about it a little more first.

ACTING: 10/10

The only other drama with Park Bo Young I watched (and coincidentally the very first drama I watched) was Oh My Ghostess, which I loved. She has such a nice and cute personality, which for a comedy such as this works well for her. The contrast of her appearance and the thriller portion was definitely to ad the the “Oh My God” factor. A small, cute GIRL is beating up all these people, how “ridiculous”.

Park Hyung Sik was what made me excited for this drama. I love his adorable characters. His acting in this was particularly over the top cute. But I didn’t hate it. The aegyo made me love it more if I was to be honest. Maybe I was enthralled with the idea of someone being so disgustingly in love, it made me feel tingly inside.

Ji Soo, you poor broken-hearted second lead. I will be rooting for you next time. I promise! Ji Soo does well with the serious-and-emotionally-constipated characters. I say that because his angry expressions make me feel bad. However it makes it much more moving when he does decide to show his feelings in the drama.

MUSIC: 10/10

The OST in this had a very consistent theme. It was light, airy and very “young love” feeling. I may be bias towards Vromance’s “I Fall In Love” but the other songs were also exceptional.
Jung Eun Ji’s “Your Garden” seemed the be like the recurring theme song, or at least its the song I remember playing the most. Park Hyung Sik lent his voice to this drama in addition to acting, creating the soft ballad “Because of You”


I would watch this if only for the Bong Soon x Min Hyeok moments, I love them together a lot.

OVERALL: 10/10


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