Minzy Work 01 UNO Review


So Minzy has offically made her solo debut with NINANO. It’s a dancey party track for sure. Not that I party or dance, but it’s so good.

I’m glad she wasn’t coming out with cutesy or sugar sweet concepts. That isn’t what Minzy is about, at least in my opinion. She could do it for sure, and she would probably slay it, but I’m glad she chose to go for a “I am here and I am going to snatch all y’all” kind of album.

The first time I was watching the MV there is a weird random (?) change in the beat during the chorus. After listening again I didn’t mind it and the third time I loved it.  I think the pace was just changed so quickly it was like “Oh hang on a minute” but then once you know it’s coming you just keep jamming.

I almost forgot Flowsik was in this until he popped up, I was so into Minzy that it was a ‘come back to earth’ moment.

Can we also appreciate her dancing? I’m really excited to see this on stage, her performances are always so passionate (and she can drop it low, like low). The scenes where she dances in front of the mirrors are goals, and honestly I’d like to try it myself.


Superwoman is the next song on the album . It’s like a 3 minute affirmation about how hard working, amazing and strong you can be. I actually really liked this one straight away. It has softer vocals and beats. Still quite on the dance train, but more “chill”, i’ve seen it described as tropical house style. It does have a more western pop sound, which is indicative to her time with YG and 2NE1. I just love the message, I love the sound. I love this.


ING is similar in sound to superwoman, albeit more leaning towards reggae undertones. The lyrics are focusing on relationships; What are they, what is love, hearts beating and sideways glances. It’s fun, care free in a way. The vocals remind me of Miley Cyrus in “We Can’t Stop” but not as whiny. I did like that song by the way, but Minzy’s voice is slightly lower.


Flashlight tells you Jay Park is in it from the first note. It just has that Jay Park vibe, if you get me. Keeping on the theme of budding relationships, this is like wanting to take things further than just friends (With Jay Park how can it not). It sits in between Ninano and Superwoman with it’s flow. Superwoman, ING and Flashlight are the middle ground, not i-need-to-dance-to-this-agressively upbeat but not ballad and I like that. They differ only slightly but it’s nice.


Lastly is possibly my personal favourite Beautiful Lie. I won’t lie, the first time I was listening to this I teared up. This, this is what Minzy can do. Her voice is powerful and sweet, and also emotional. She hits the high’s and then goes right back down. This song is about letting go and forgetting the past. and have the past forget her.

Her voice is so beautiful in this, I almost wish this was her Title track, it would have show cased her talent properly, as you know not every one will listen to all the songs of an album, but this song needs to be heard. I want so badly for her to perform this on the music shows.

I already want her to have another comeback. Minzy is going to be so successful and it makes me so soft. I’m really happy for her, and will continue supporting her.





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