Kill Me, Heal Me Review

STORY: 10/10

 Kill me Heal Me is a fantastic drama that, while over top, can at least garner attention towards serious mental issues. When I say over top I mean that there is very interesting portrayal of the main character as he deals with his Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Cha Do-Hyun is our first male lead, who has a terrible past that triggered his D.I.D. He is also a chaebol, who is trying to keep his mental issue secret from his mother and family so it can’t be used against him when running their company.

Cha Do-Hyung has 7 Pesonalities  (including himself) that introduce themselves at random times when he feeling stressed or under pressure.

Shin Se-Gi is the personality who is most featured and has alot of contention with Cha Do-Hyun about who should be the “Real” person. Shin Se-Gi is very aggressive and often get’s Cha Do-Hyun in dangerous situations.

I wasn’t sure whether including the names and a slight description about the other personlities would be a spoiler. If you want, high light the following space to read about them.

Perry Park is a 40-year-old man who likes fishing and bomb building. These two things probably shouldn’t be done together.  He speaks with Jeolla satoori and prides himself on being fun.
Ahn Yo-seob is a teenage boy who is often suicidal which breaks my heart. He is very smart and loves literature and poems. 
Ahn Yo-na is your typical teenage fangirl who is Ahn Yo-Seob’s twin sister. She is always causing trouble for Cha Do-Hyung and is possibly my favourite personality. She is amazingly hilarious especially with her crush on Oh Ri-On. 
Na-na is a young 7 year old girl with a teddy named Nana. 
Mr. X is the mystery man of the drama.

Oh Rin-Ji is a psychiatry resident at a hospital who has dealt with some cases of D.I.D before. She seem’s outwardly put-together but is still young at heart.

I can’t leave out Oh Ri-On, Oh Rin-Ji’s twin brother who is a mystery novel writer and low-key (unqualified) undercover investigator.

Through the course of the story Oh Rin-Ji helps Cha Do-Hyun figure out the memories of his past that he has blocked out so that he can start to heal himself of his mental disorder, but what would be a K-Drama without the drama? The other personlities go on their own adventures, which does not usually end up well for Cha Do-Hun. As the story progress’ Oh Rin-Ji and Cha Do-Hyun realise they have more history with each other than what is on the surface and through the (often crazy) situations they face, come out growing together.

ACTING: 10/10

Ji Sung, wow. First of all kudos. His acting in this drama was so diverse. He played seven personlities who with their own flare needed different speech patterns, different mannerisms, different personalities, and he did it very well. Can I just say that his characters in this are so funny. I laughed out loud a few times, it was amazing.


Shin Se-Gi appreciation: That makeup and hair is hot. Not gonna lie.


Hwang Jung Eum is always very good in her roles. She is one of my favourite actresses, and I always look out for any drama that she stars in. This one, while maintaining her usual comedic flair, was also more serious at times which she transitions well.

Park Seo Joon was his usual silly/smart character, and if you came to this drama after watching “She Was Pretty” you kind of feel weird wanting him to be with Oh Rin Ji. Is this just me? Regardless he was great. He shows so much expression in this drama, either with his facial expressions or his body language. It’s very cute.

MUSIC: 9/10

 I honestly don’t remember too much of the music from this drama, though it was quite some time ago that I watched it. However, Park Seo Joon contributed “Letting You Go” to the OST and I am always on board for Park Seo Joon singing. Ji Sung also sang “Violet” for this Drama. Both are soft ballad type songs, perfect for some of the more emotional scenes, as they sound very bittersweet.
“Healing Love” is the last song I remember, by Luna and Cho-Yi. The male/female vocals are very sweet, but not too upbeat. They all seem to follow a soft love song vibe. It’s nice to not to be too hyped up on the music when the drama is trying to hurt you be serious.


I would watch this drama one million more times. I really love the acting from Ji Sung. I love the story, I love the characters, I love it. If you have someone who hasn’t watched this, make them watch it.

OVERALL: 10/10


2 thoughts on “Kill Me, Heal Me Review

    1. I think that it’s maybe because I haven’t watched it for a little while. But I mean, I don’t hate the music at all, I just don’t remember it fully.. Which goes to show possibly how much attention I was paying to the OST in the background. Lol.


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