Hwarang Review

Story: 10/10

 Where do I even start. This is possibly one of my favourite dramas to date. The story of Sun Woo (Dog-Bird), Ah Ro and Ji Dwi and their tumultuous and complicated relationship was amazing. I liked the seriousness surrounded by comedy.
Set in early Silla there is a mysterious and unknown King, who (for her own selfish reasons) the Queen was keeping off the throne. The Queen creates an “army” just for this faceless king which she called Hwarang.
Through the Hwarang the Main Characters Sun Woo, Ji Dwi and Ah Ro discover corruption, and what it means to be part of society and their place in the world. They also come to terms with their own emotions and stand by the decisions that they made.
For a Faction Saeguk it’s easy to watch, though also at the same time draining because it’s so damn emotional. I literally cried every episode, some of those times were actually out loud sobbing. This drama made me feel things.
What made the crying bearable was ALL OF THE BROMANCE. I mean, this drama was a ship of dreams. Is that just me and my friends? Hansung x Yeo Wool, Soo Ho x Ban Ryu, Sun Woo x Ji Dwi – They made it so easy to ship these guys. Honestly, it was half fan service half drama.

Acting: 10/10

What can Park Seo Joon not do, lets be honest. He is fantastic in all his roles or maybe that’s my bias shining through. I first got excited over this drama because Taehyung from BTS was going to have a supporting role in it, then I read Minho also had a supporting role, Seo Joon was a lead and also Park Hyung Sik. My fangirl heart was blessed that day. Favourite singers, favourite Actors all in one place, you bet your bottom dollar I was going to be over this drama like butter on bread.

Taehyung did an amazing job for his first time acting, though I firmly believe that was because the character was so much like himself. The real challenge in the future will be trying different roles that go against his personality. I will support him the whole way and hope with my whole being to see him in another drama very soon.

Music: 10/10

This OST was fantastic. I actually bought the CD and Photobook.
“Wherever You Are” by Han Dong Gun,
“It’s Definitely You” By V and Jin,
“Dream” by Bolbbalgan4,
“I Can Only See You” by Wendy and Seulgi
“Our Tears” by Hyolyn
“The Divine Move” by Yang Yoseob
“The Divine Move” Acoustic by Kim JuNa
“I’ll Be Here” by Park Hyung Sik
“Memorising a Spell” by Jeon Woo Seong
“Our Tears” by Park Seo Joon
“Don’t Leave Me Alone” by Jung Dong Ha
Yes I did just list the full OST because it was all great. The ones in bold were my favourite out of the whole CD.

Rewatch Value: 10/10

I would watch this drama again until I die of dehydration from crying. That makes it seem like a really sad drama but it’s not.. well not all of the time. I am just extremely emotional and I cried when I was happy, sad and angry.

Overall: 10/10


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