Manga I’m Reading

Hello, welcome back. While I don’t read as much Manga as I used to, I still follow some ongoing titles. I try not to follow too many that aren’t finished because I already devoted most of my life to Naruto, but some of them are right up my alley (read: I am RomCom trash).

The following are in no particular order, its just how they appear in my Manga Reading app.

  1. Namaikizakari

    It’s a sports / romance/ comedy about a girl Yuki who is the coach of a basketball team and Shou who is the star player of the team. She is the typical tomboy who is clueless about feelings and refuses to seem “weak” or have feelings in front of others lest they think poorly of her. Shou is the typical “Im too cool to smile but I’m kinda nice and cold at the same time” dude. He is more forward with his feelings.

  2. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

    This one is pretty cute. Erika gets into a situation when she lies about her relationship status as not to seem prudish to her ‘experienced’ friends. She enlists the help of Kyouya, though unwillingly, after which she finds out how douchey he is. That’s not to say I dont like him – he’s the Tsundere type, I love those. Basically he treats her like a dog, and as they progress through school it gets cuter and I get feelings.

  3. Junjou Romantica

    This is Yaoi, so if you aint about that life this is not for you. So this Manga is a crossover between three couples, but the bulk of the story is about  Misaki, a college student and Akihiko, a Yaoi novelist. Ensue all the comedy and cliches where Akihiko basically corrupts Misaki and “owns him”. He’s not abusive though, dont get me wrong. Misaki actually falls for Akihiko but has all the “This is wrong” “What would my family think” “Omg” thoughts that I want to slap right out of his head. I haven’t read this in a while because the chapters got all messed up where I was reading them and then I lost my place. I may have to start this again to get back on track.

  4. Onepunch Man

    What else is there to say about this except its hilarious. Average superhero who is too OP for his own good. The banter with Genos, his cyborg companion is top notch and I love the art of the monsters.

  5. Kuroshitsuji

    Black Butler is one for the ships If you know what I mean. The art is fantastic, the story is interesting and reminiscent to a cross of the game “The Order: 1886” and Xmen – but with a morbid backstory, cute characters and the manga flair. I love how the characters interact, and how sarcastic Sebastian is – he’s so relatable with his savagry. Ciel, well Ciel is your rich boy with a sad past who wants to prove himself as force to be reckoned with. Half after revenge half after duty to his family his tough side gets a flip when he interacts with his fiance. She is amazing and so cute and girly but will kick your ass.

The app that I use is Manga Rock on the Itunes Store, and I will use sites like Mangago for obscure or hard to find Yaoi/ Shounen Ai, KissManga just in general. I dont use Manga Fox that often, unless my app is giving me issues, which is where most of what I’m reading on the App is hosted, but the site is so busy and crowded. I do like their searching features though.

For those of you who have been on the internet reading manga for a long time you probably remember One Manga before all the copyright issues started and things were getting pulled left right and centre, but is still possibly my favourite because of the layout. Its really simple, when your searching for “Popular Manga” you can search for the best in different categories. I dont know, maybe it’s just because this was my first Manga site and I feel nostalgic for it.

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