Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Review

Story: 9.5/10

Scarlet Heart is about a woman who seems to die during an eclipse at the same time as her past self and she ends up conscious in the past with no idea who or where she is. 
Realising she has to pretend to be someone else she (unfortunately?) befriends the princes as time goes by and begins to have feelings for two of them. This in itself creates some of the biggest issues for her and the royals, as feelings in the drama are basically a death sentence. 
So the story was nearly a 10, however, there could have been more explanation on the “How” and “Why” Go Ha Jin ended up as Hae Soo and what the eclipse had to do with the whole situation (Which would also clear up the ending somewhat).
I personally didn’t mind the ending, if only because it meant hope. I think it made real Hae Soo’s main quest of “changing history”.
I know some people stop liking a drama if they don’t understand or want answers, but I like to fully put myself in to what i’m watching – if I enjoy it until the end (leaving aside my complaints) then it did a good job, but if you can’t get past the inconsistency then it did a bad job.

This did a good job at keeping me captivated and to me that means the Drama served its purpose to entertain. Even if you find holes in the story its told well enough for you to

keep going. I’ve seen that people don’t like the relationship progression but to me its
more real. The feelings are raw and confusing. They aren’t black and white. The whole drama and its relationships are not fairy-tail ones – they hurt and they try to persevere.

How it feels to watch this drama
Back to the story. Well, damn, that was a rollercoaster. There was crossover stories, political intrigue, murder, romance… What more could you ask for?
 Except to not rip my heart out.

Acting: 10/10

I’ve now seen many dramas, some cringy and some not. I think each cast member brought a good personality to the characters. I cared about some and hated others. Each of the Princes was so different it was great to see.

May I just add, that the 4th Prince, played by Lee Joon Gi, was so amazing and the fact that he was so good looking hurt me a little bit. I mean, just look: 

Amazing. Thankyou. 

Music: 9/10

There wasn’t any one particular song that stood out to me, the music was good but nothing that made me go “Wow I want to download this”. Perhaps I was focused too much on watching that I wasn’t hearing it. Although perhaps thats a good thing, you can’t have music too overpowering for a story like this – and sometimes the way that the drama repeats the same powerful song every episode can downplay the story.

Rewatch Value: 10/10

I would watch this again to focus on details I may have missed the first time. Side characters, subtle hints or actions, try to answer some questions I asked by taking what I know from the first watch and fill in the pieces.
Worth the watch, definitely, It’s very emotional and raw.

Overall: 10/10


2 thoughts on “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Review

  1. It’s probably because I already saw the Chinese drama but I couldn’t really fall in love this drama. However, I do agree with you on the acting! Lee Joong Gi portrayed the 4th prince perfectly! As for the OST, my favorite track was definitely “I Love You, I Remember You.” 🙂


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