BTS Comeback – Spring Day

Alright let me just preface this with the following;




Excuse that, but I needed to let it out. Moving on, you can watch the music video below.


So I, along with my many other ARMYs, loved the soft track. But wait; whats that –

BTS, BigHit… Why do you have to do this to us? BTS are back at it again with loosely novel based Music Videos and their beautiful-as-heckers style. Brief overview of Omelas for those who aren’t familiar with it:

Omelas is a utopian society situated near a beautiful, shimmering sea. When the story opens, the people of Omelas are celebrating the Summer Festival, an annual event featuring games and horse riding.

  • Underneath this happy, picturesque city, a child has been locked in a cage and forced to live in its own filth. The child’s suffering is meant to teach the people of Omelas how cruel justice can be and how precious happiness can be.
  • Sooner or later, every citizen of Omelas learns of the caged child’s existence and is taught about the meaning of suffering. Horrified, some people walk away from Omelas, never to return.

From eNotes 

The basic premise is seen in the music video. It takes place in a beautiful snowy town, but  seems eerily empy. The Boys are playing around throwing cake and then JungShook* has an epiphany.


I feel like he kind of leads the boys away from Omelas after realising something isn’t “quite right”. Although I also think each member realizes the “injustice” or “loneliness” at different times, then they come together once they all believe in the worst part of their world, and leave together. 

Another interpretation is that THEY are both the people who had to suffer and the people living freely- that’s due to the scene where they are inside the washing machine (that sounds weird), but the reason they can be both is that it’s a metaphor for depression. You are both the only person able to save you and the person who can destroy you – but only if you let it. 

I think walking away from Omelas, in this sense, was the members walking away from their own pain and trying to move on. This could also be the reason there are two overlapping instances of the boys – The one on the train and the one in the hotel, when they finally intersect at the tunnel is where they realize how lonely they had been keeping themselves confined in what they rationalized to be a good place, but in reality was squalor. 

So after they leave they find a happy place, which also gives you visual metaphors for death via the shoes hanging off the tree. Now the “death” could be in reference to a few things

  1. Their happiness ( from leaving paradise/ finding out about the badness) 
  2. Their innocence 
  3. Their friend/ relationship (Due to the lyrics) . The relationship could either be with another person or themselves. 

Side note: Why do they always lose their shoes by the way?  Yeah, I’m looking at you Jin.


Jimin is holding the shoes, that will be hanging off the tree. What does it all mean?


Are they Jin’s?

Are they death?

Did he just get sand in them?

We may never know.

But personally I think that they are saying “This is the death of our past” as this place marks a new beginning.  

The song itself is amazing. Upbeat, but not crazy. Ballad-y but not slow. How do they do it? Amazing. If you haven’t noticed BTS will get praise coming out of my eyeballs, but my love for them is another topic altogether.

One day, instead of what ever this was, I may put down my own thorough BTS theory. But that will take a lot of time and screen shots, so for now thanks for being here.


The Fangirl Cypher




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