2NE1 – Goodbye

Okay, this is an emotional subject. 2NE1, to me, was the first Kpop group that I ever really followed. It was 2NE1 and Bigbang, who got me into Kpop. I’ve watched this music video a lot, and while I don’t bawl my eyes out like I did in the beginning, I still tear up or cry a little when I watch it. Today I thought I could get through the video without an incident, but I was oh-so-very-wrong. There were tears. When Bom sings, my heart breaks.

I had already been listening to JRock, Jpop and Visual Kei bands from Japan so I was no stranger to the amazing entertainment that came from Asia, but Kpop is a whole other beast. I have possibly never followed music as intensely as I have, nor have I been so involved in the fandom culture, as I have after getting into Kpop. I’ve always been a Fangirl for anime and manga etc, but Kpop took me to another level.

Backstory aside, 2NE1, was the one i remember the most from the beginning. I am the Best holds a special place in my heart, and I was so hyped about their CRUSH album – because it was freakin’ amazing. But then We were attacked by rumours and scandals and our once stable Blackjack house was Crushed (pun intended).

Bom had to leave the spotlight and 2NE1 went on hiatus. This should have been the red flag. The signal had been lit, Gondor was calling for aide. However the Blackjack’s stood firm and believed in the four girls we loved. YGE even teased a comeback, so the hype train left the station, full steam ahead to Slay-ville.

Even after the announcement of Minzy”s departure from 2NE1, we hoped with our whole beings that the group would still remain intact, and that we would have the comeback we were so desperately wanting. However, it was not to be, and so came the disbandment news.

Heartbroken was one way to put it. The history of my Kpop love and hobby rode on the shoulders of these four women, who were invincible. I waited for their last song, it was a surprise that they would go to such lengths to say goodbye (Not only to their former member, but to the fans).

So, the time had come to view the video, and I can remember clearly that I didn’t even see the video the first time I watched it because my eyes were full of tears. How could they say goodbye to us, with such a fantastic song? It was so sad, the lyrics were so sad and I was actually hurting on the inside.

What really upset me was that the first time we were seeing Bom perform again since 2015  was for their disbandment. She deserved so much more than to be shamed. She still loves the company so I can’t really say it’s their fault, but in my despondency blaming YGE was the easiest and best this to do. Though I still believe that their lack of promotion, and Solo activities for Minzy could have alleviated some of the stressors on the group.

This post didn’t really have a point except to say that I love 2NE1 and I am hoping for the day they are reunited, because Goodbye isn’t always Goodbye.

The Fangirl Cypher.


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