Goblin Review

Story: 9/10

The beginning of Goblin seems to take “Slow and steady” to heart. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing it takes some time to learn characters, learn plot lines and progress the story. I appreciate taking the time to get to know the characters habits and personality.
The bulk of the plot starts roughly around episode 8 to 10, and gets pretty jam-packed until the very end. It’s also pretty emotional in this second half. You see the main character Ji Eun Tak grow as a person, which I firmly believe is why I liked the drama more than I would have otherwise.
If I was to be honest, I didn’t like her money-loving personality in the beginning, which in turn didn’t sway my feelings favourably with her relationship with the Goblin (Kim Shin). I don’t know why but it rubbed me the wrong way and I didn’t want her to be with him. I got over it (mostly) by the second half of the drama when she started to grow up.
I really enjoyed how the drama showed the Grim Reaper (read: I loved him), the back story about how he became a Grim Reaper and also how they imagined his “office” where he took the souls. If death was really like that it wouldn’t be nearly as scary.
Let’s not forget the bromance. Possibly who I shipped the most was Goblin and Grim Reaper, together they were hilarious and I think they are “Soul Friends”. It’s really, really beautiful.
 Not that I’m partial to BL or anything.
*Shipping intensifies*

Acting: 10/10

There isn’t really much to say here. The acting was good, especially between the three main cast members. Their home life was my favourite thing to watch. The chemistry of the characters was really funny, warm and what drove home the emotions at the end.

Music: 10/10

Chanyeol & Punch’s “Stay With Me” was fantastic, especially for an OST song. It’s one that you can listen to a lot, even if the drama is long over. Then you have Crush with “Beautiful” which is beautiful. Crush is an amazing artist, and of course Ailee’s song “ I Will Go To You Like The First Snow “. This drama is packed full of fantastic songs.

Rewatch Value: 8.5/10

I would re watch it but only if I wanted to feel sad the whole time. Not only because I cried a lot, My incessant anxiety makes me have panic attacks about death so this drama kind of made me have an existential crisis.

Overall: 9.5/10


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