Pinocchio Review

Story: 9/10

The main premise of this drama is that Choi In Ha can not say anything that she believes or feels is a lie. This can obviously become hilarious or scary. The main male character Dal Po (formerly Ki Ha Myung) went through a horrible experience as a child and has left him with a personal vendetta against the media. The reasoning’s behind his attitude and feelings was described quite clearly, and you instantly understand him as a person.
Choi In Ha is very innocent in the ways to the world, though has also been through family troubles, however she is ignorant to the truth (ironically) of her Mother’s actions. She grows as a person and as a reporter together with Dal Po.
The relationship between the two is somewhat “scandalous” due to Dal Po’s past which led to his adoption by Choi In Ha’s Grandfather, making him her uncle and also the eldest brother through technicality – meaning Choi In Ha’s father has to call him “Hyung” – I laugh every time.
Together the two unravel 13 years of lies and cover ups, pain and hard decisions. I like how the story progresses and I like how not everything that you see in the media is the truth. The message of that seems quite clear and is one that some people often forget.

Acting: 10/10

Sometimes I feel like I wouldn’t know bad acting if it bit me in the butt, but I can’t really fault the actors here. I hated some and loved other, felt bad and felt sorry. That exactly what I want from them.

Music: 8/10

The music doesn’t leach a huge impact on you but that’s not to say it’s bad. I think for such a busy story anything to extreme or powerful may have overpowered it somewhat. Notible songs include Roy Kim’s “Pinnochio” and Zion. T’s “Kiss Me”

Rewatch Value: 8/10

I would rewatch it because I liked the relationship between Choi In Ha and Dal Po + the funny exchanges between them and other aspiring reporters.

Overall: 8.5/10


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